Norfolk and Norwich Bat Group

Bats in Norfolk

At least 11 species of bats have been recorded in Norfolk over the past few years. Please help by adding your records to this through our ‘Submit your bat records’ page.

To see the approximate location where different species of bats have been recorded in Norwich (see data sources below), have a look at our online maps below (will take a few moments to load). We hope to update this page to consider the whole of Norfolk in due course.

For more information on each species, you can download some excellent factsheets here produced the Bat Conservation Trust.

Common pipistrelle – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”1″]

Soprano pipistrelle – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”2″]

Nathusius’ pipistrelle – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”3″]

Brown long-eared bat – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”11″]

Noctule – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”4″]

Serotine – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”8″]

Leisler’s – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”9″]

Daubenton’s – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”5″]

Natterer’s – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”6″]

Brandt’s – factsheet / Whiskered – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”7″]

Barbastelle – factsheet [mapsmarker layer=”10″]

Data sources: these data are a combination of recent records submitted to the group, and collected in 2012 through the Big Norwich Bat Project (BNBP). The BNBP was led by the University of East Anglia in collaboration with the British Trust for Ornithology and Norfolk and Norwich Bat Group (particular thanks to Katie May, Beth Robinson, Iain Barr and Stuart Newson).