Norwich Bat Group


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Update on recent events

Bat walk for International Bat Night at Earsham Wetland Centre, Saturday 26th August, 7.30pm

We had a fantastic bat night, starting with everyone seeing a rescue bat brought along by Abi. We had an amazing attendance with 20 children and 40 adults attending, who were treat to a large number of Soprano Pipistrelle’s, some Common Pipistrelle’s, Noctule and Daubenton’s over the pond.

An update on the Norfolk Bats in Churches Project – talk by Phil Parker, Wednesday 15th March 2017

Norfolk’s Churches hold some of the most important bat roosts in the County but the presence of bats can impact on the use and repair of the churches. In this talk, Phil Parker provided an update on the surveys that have been undertaken and the mitigation work implemented to both protect the bats and support the churches.

Whitlingham Country Park, 25th January 2017 

A Hibernation visit was made at 2 sites at Whitlingham Country Park on Sunday January 15th.The first site contained 2 Daubenton’s bats and 5 Natterer’s bats, with single Daubenton’s bat and Natterer’s bats located at the second site.
Nathusius' pipistrelle - copyright Rory Tallack

Several events were attended by the group in 2016 – trying to engage adults in learning more about bats and dispelling a few myths and providing a range of bat-themed activities for children to do. People have been very positive and keen to talk about bats they have seen in their own gardens and elsewhere and also asking interesting questions, to find out more. It’s good to know that when you talk to individuals, they are really interested to learn and find out more about ‘their’ bats and have such a positive approach to them.

At Blickling, a group of Guides was given a talk, activities to do and then a walk along a lane – where a few pips were seen despite the bad weather, into the church – where more pips were seen flying around inside and then down to the lake of Blickling Hall – where the weather definitely put them off!

Scarning, near Dereham, has a wonderful mixed selection of habitats in and around their water meadows conservation area. As part of their recent Bio Blitz, the bat walk we helped with there on the Friday evening, attracted a good number of people and we were able to see and hear Noctules, Common and Soprano Pipistrelles and Serotine – so 4 species towards the total Bio Blitz tally! The next day we ran a stand there and people were very interested and eager to know more, children did a variety of activities and we also met people who are either participating in the Norfolk Bat Survey or who would now like to, as a result of what they’d learned. Several people, including families, were sorry that they had missed the bat walk because they’d not known it was on or it was too late for their children. As a result, we’re hoping to run another walk there at the end of August when the nights are earlier.


Keep an eye on the website to see what else is coming up – with talks planned for the winter months.  Contact us if you want to know more.