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USING YOUR EARS bat identification workshop, led by Lisa Worledge from the Bat Conservation Trust

Lisa Worledge from the Bat Conservation Trust will be running a one off bat detector workshop at Whitlingham Broad Visitor Centre on Wednesday 17th May. Please note the cost will be £8.

This introductory bat detector workshop involves an evening classroom session followed by a practical field session starting around dusk. Bat sounds are broken down into four elements (repetition, rhythm, tonal quality and pitch) in order to train people’s sonic memory and aid species identification using a heterodyne bat detector in the field.  The focus is on Pipistrelles, Noctule, Serotine and Daubenton’s bat as these are the species monitored in the National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP) Field Survey and Waterways Survey.

The workshop will start at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 17th May.  Please bring a torch, suitable clothing for the field session (it is likely to be cool) and bat detector if you have one. We have detectors for people to borrow, so don’t worry if you don’t have a detector.

If you are intending to go to the workshop, it is important to book in advance with Lindsey Bilston at 

Opportunity to get involved in the National Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Project in Norfolk

The Bat Conservation Trust’s National Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Project was launched in 2014 with a grant from the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, to improve our understanding of the ecology, current status and conservation threats for Nathusius’ pipistrelles in Great Britain. The project is open to all bat groups, where different aspects of the project can be undertaken depending on experience and equipment available.


The aims of the project are to:

  • Determine the resident and breeding status of Nathusius’ pipistrelle in Great Britain.
  • Determine the migratory origins of Nathusius’ pipistrelles in Great Britain.

Following a talk by Jane Harris on Nathusius’ pipistrelle and the National Nathusius’ Pipistrelle to the group, we are keen to support Jane and Norfolk’s involvement in the project this year. If you are interested in getting involved please email Jane Harris (email j.harris[at] or Lindsey Bilston (email: lindseybilston[at] in the first instance. A day of training with Daniel Hargreaves is planned for the 22nd April (see below).

Training for the National Nathusius Pipistrelle Project, April 22nd

The provisional plan is to use a location close to Lea Valley, North London (Nathusius’ Pipistrelle hot spot). We will organise a mini conference during the day 10am to 4pm where each group will be invited to give a 15 minute presentation on their results and what has worked well. We will discuss the findings so far, the methodology and discuss the future direction of the project. In the evening from 6.30pm we can split into teams and survey some of the sites that caught good numbers of Nathusius’ last year plus some new ones with migration potential. This will provide an opportunity for the new groups to get hands on and learn tips from existing groups and hopefully see a few Nathusius’.