Norwich Bat Group

Useful links

The National Organisation for Bat Conservation
The local county records centre and the best place to send any records of bats in Norfolk
The Norfolk Barbastelle Study Group is a specialist group that studies the distribution of Barbastelle bats in Norfolk
Norfolk Bat Survey Norfolk Bat Survey: a collaborative project led by the BTO that looks at providing anyone an opportunity to take advantage of recent advances in technology for automating the capture and analysis of acoustic data for bats.
A partnership working to conserve, enhance and restore Norfolk’s biological diversity
Norfolk’s oldest natural history organisation – dedicated to conserving the county’s wildlife for the past 140 years.
Norfolk Wildlife Trust is working for the protection and enhancement of Norfolk’s wildlife and wild places.
Suffolk Bat Group was formed in 1984 as a specialist group within Suffolk Wildlife Trust and is Sufolk's main point of contact for all bat conservation related issues.
Norfolk Bat Group was originally set up 1961. It has a long history of bat work. Unfortunately at the current time Norfolk Bat Group is not formally recognised as a bat group by the national body for bat conservation, the Bat Conservation Trust.

Other links 

Factsheets on the importance of Bats and Bat Conservation with a focus on bats in the US.